Buddy Miller
Graphic Artist | Nashville, Tennessee

I met Buddy Miller unexpectedly one day while I was listening to playbacks in the recording studio.   It was 1980 ... in Nashville, Tennessee ... and we were mixing down the final tracks on Frodo's Song and The Nine Riders for my original production of The 'Rings Project.   Buddy appeared in the engineering room, seemingly out of nowhere, and was making sketches of me, with a felt-tipped pen on a legal pad.

It turned out that he was sketching rough drafts for the cover art of the Common Ground Music Group release (a 45 r.p.m. record).   I had commented on his sketches - they were truly sparked with the creative touch of a great artist - and when the final prints were produced in his studio weeks later, we got together and he gave me copies ... and ... the original sketches from his legal pad!   You can see a copy of it below.   I made him sign and date the legal pad copies and we kept in touch, occassionally, over the ensuing years.

About the Art:

These copies of Buddy's art represent something very special to me.   They capture a moment of time in my life, like an old song that reminds you of more than you expect.   They are Buddy's impressions of me reflecting on my work ... right there in the recording studio, in the very midst of it's creation.   He quietly sketched everything in less than an hour ... there in the engineering room, sitting in a dark corner - just like Strider at the Prancing Pony Inn ... while I listened to the final track-mixes of the 2-song project.   All the faces are sketches Buddy captured of my expressions, sitting at the engineering board, listening to those final mixes.

In 2001 I learned that Buddy had passed away and that I had lost my artistic friend from Nashville.   But I've kept his sketches safe and sound over the years ... and I'm happy to again join his artistic statement with my latest efforts in this wonderful ongoing Tolkien-inspired project of mine.

The memory of Buddy Miller will ever live on in the hearts of those who knew him.

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